Thursday, December 1, 2016

Flipping of the Dinner Table

Just on a lark, I checked to see if that horrendously cringe-worthy KoDT live-action series got released...

There is... count it... ONE episode (which I will not link here). It was published in June of 2015 on the d20 Entertainment YouTube channel. Then nothing for over a year. The most recent upload is titled something for a TV pilot, which is of the quality we've come to expect from the people who were involved with The Gamers movies. Apparently two other episodes were produced but only available to backers, which, judging from there being 795 backers and only two people liked the update posts that announced those... were not well received.

Wouldn't you know it... it's another Kickstarter that went completely off the rails. The backers and Jolly Blackburn are pissed. Yes, Jolly himself commented regularly on the situation. The level of vitriol in the kickstarter comments isn't nearly the toxicity level of Spoony's Patreon, but the passion folks are displaying over being cheated is comparable. Apparently the Director of this and other notorious Kickstarters, Ken Whitman, is now known as "a thief and a conman" says Disgruntled Customer on d20's YouTube channel (Edit: Since this posting, his discussion section has been scrubbed). This sentiment is reflected in the YouTube comments for the video as well... but that's to be expected.

As for the episode itself... my commentary.

Of course, that assumes that you're expected to actually watch it. Fine.

0:03 I see they're ripping off the guy who did the animated shorts. Not a good sign.
0:05 Are they trying to do a Psych style intro using the series catch phrases? Cringe.
0:19 Christian Doyle of Gamers 2... and 3 I suppose playing B.A. A familiar face. ...
0:45 Nathan Rice was also in Gamers 2 as Lodge (the GM) is Bob here. Good fit.
0:55 What is with the sound? Did they not have people on staff that know sound design? It sounds like something my kids would record and then delete later.
1:00 I just realized this thing is 17 minutes long. Lord help me!
1:10 Nice enthusiasm on that Hoodyhoo. Granted, I know no one actually says that, so I guess no one knows how it should be inflected... but I count that a miss.
2:42 Ok... Brian's actor is really selling it. Kudos where they're due.
3:40 After a long spiel of flavor text... I am remembering just how boring role-playing is to watch. I've tried to watch game sessions on twitch before and it is every bit as soul killing. I want to knaw off my own leg to escape. Role-playing is not a spectator sport... this is why in The Gamers movies you were shown the perspective of the PCs.
3:42 Vectra!? That's a name I recognize (based on the infamous Vecna from "real" D&D). If this story is what I think it is, it's a good one. Jolly was the writer on this... so.... actors: don't screw this up!
3:44 ...and he killed it. Thanks alot.
4:54 Did Christian Doyle get energy drained between the Gamers 2 and this, lose a level, and thus acting skill? No take backs indeed.
5:10 Really? Are they really going to keep this up with only having the perspective of them at the table, I know that's how the comics were, but.... I stopped reading those! I really read them for how many years!? AUUUUUUGH! *Break for technical difficulties*
5:49 You said it, Sara.
6:21 I'm right there with you at this point.
7:40-7:45 ... Ok... That got a snicker out of me. Properly portrayed how much of an idiot Dave is.
9:28 *PSSST* It worked fine for the comics.... but the dialogue sounds really unnatural coming out of real people. What this called for was adaptation... not CTRL+C, CTRL+V onto the script.
10:48 I never figured Sara as a southern belle... go figure.
12:50-13:16 Ha! Funny image... too bad this is film. Show don't tell, you know.... THIS IS ALL TELLING!
13:47 Again... well said Sara, and delivered with the enthusiasm of "would you like biscuits with that." Get used to saying that. It'll serve you well at your next job at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
13:55 D: ... This was dedicated in memory of Jolly's daughter. ... D: x1000
14:52-16:42 All the people not getting promised rewards.... or refunds.
16:50 Holy crap! This really was filmed in Kentucky. I was just trolling... didn't expect that.
16:55 PORT RAIDED... ??? Portrayed!? Did the credits get auto-corrected?
17:24 Nice placement of that light for the film.

I wonder if the actors were forced to film this at gunpoint. They weren't exactly pulling out their A-game. It was more like... let's get this over with. I suspect the actors knew they were getting screwed and put forth effort to reflect that. Well, except Brian's actor... but I suspect he decided to just have fun with it, like they way the actors in the Super Mario Bros. film did.

The whole affair just worsens the already icky feeling of the whole sub-genre of movies "by gamers, for gamers". I'd say they're losing ground, but that assumes that they had any to begin with. At least the so-bad, but unintentionally funny Dungeons and Dragons movie was sincere. This and other films made on the coat tails of Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising just feel like a cash in taking advantage of people's beloved niche hobby, and dragging its reputation through the mud.

Gamers! We deserve better!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Remember to Buy These Ganes Sometime

It's 8 days 'til the release of FFXV and I still have no clue when I'll be able to get a PS4. I was hoping for a good Cyber Monday sale, but it does not appear that will be happening. Nuts! Most likely it will be around March. Tax refund time.

Here's a reminder to myself of games to get eventually:
  • Watch Dogs 2 (Check. It's good.)
  • Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (Check. It's great!)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (Delayed til 2018. Sad face.)
  • Quantum Break (Part of the Dec. Humble, soon.)
  • Just Cause 3 (Perhaps not. I'll finish JC2 first)
  • Witcher 3 (Check. Pretty good)
  • Nioh? (Check. These souls type games... I dunno.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Putting the Game Before the System

Today I pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition from Amazon. Apparently connecting my Twitch account to Amazon gave me a discount on games, or perhaps it just made me aware of a discount I already had. In any case, come November 29, I should be getting the game, the Kingsglaive movie, and such in a bulletproof (maybe) case for around $80. Now I just need to get the PS4 to play it on, but I can burn that bridge when it becomes more feasible. (Perhaps I'll slow cook the bridge so it turns into charcoal first. Hmmm.)

There were a few ways to go about this. Gamestop offers a limited edition PS4 slim with FFXVdx for $450, but when I saw the price of the Uncharted 4 PS4 slim bundle on Amazon for $300, the course became clear. I liked what I played of the first Uncharted. It's one I should get back to, but I've been playing Watchdogs lately instead.

Updates: I played some of Soma, and like it. The robots are not frightening in the least. They try to unsettle you though with screen filters and noises, but it only annoyed me slightly. I gave the killer robot a hug once... that wasn't a good idea. Had yet to figure out that the robo-sphincters around were for restoring health. I didn't know health was an issue at that point.

The Minecraft "Axpack-V" LAN game I've been playing with my youngest son has been working as well as I hoped. Got a digital miner going on three wind generators and basic factories running on lava generators churching out steel. Built him a robit and us both atomic destabilizers. He's been working at getting enough draconium to make some kind of weapon, but it's pretty rare, you know.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Axpack V

I took a long refreshing break from Minecraft, finally decided to formally announce my disinclination to continue map development, and now find myself getting back into playing the game. When I tried to boot up my latest attempt at the Axpack, I found that it was a bloated mess that crashed, even when I disabled most of the mods. So Bolz'tuit.... I'm making another one. Something far more compact, focused, and stable. It will be centered around Mekanism because I love it so and it worked this morning as the sole mods in the pack. So, here's the outline:

The Essentials

Damage Indicators
Voxel Map


CodechickenCore (NEI, Enderstorage)
BspkrsCore (Treecap)
Mantle (Natura)
RadixCore (MCA)
OpenModsLib (OpenBlocks)
BrandonCore (Draconic Evolution)

Selections from the Best

Extra Utilities
Open Blocks
Minecraft Comes Alive + RadixCore
Pam’s Harvestcraft
Cooking for Blockheads
Oceancraft - This I added on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.


Intermediate Game

Twilight Forest
Natura + Mantle (mostly for the sake of the Nether)


End Game

Hardcore Ender Expansion (Perhaps to add after the fact, and not in Technic pack)
Draconic Evolution

Ores/metals will be one set for the major portion of the game, then new ones introduced via the new dimensions at reasonable intervals. There's a clear beginning, middle, and end. There is enough variety to create interest, but not a bunch of distractions or ugly, obtrusive, or out of place things (like Botania, Thaumcraft, or Roguelike Dungeons). Ruins will do the trick nicely.

This should be fairly easy to maintain, and hopefully might actually get up on technic launcher if I get my crap together. I'll let you know, phantom reader, how it goes.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hope is my Power!

It's been 11 years since Kingdom Hearts 2. A long time to be sure. It was 3.5 years between the first game and the second, but they released Chain of Memories in between.... so I didn't mind waiting. Over the next few years they released four spin off titles, then the HD remixes/collections of previous games. I appreciated them.

I am looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 and seem to be in the minority of those who have not lost hope. Why should I be concerned about this. It's a game! I don't need it! I'm not entitled to it... Nomura and Square-Enix do not owe it to me or anyone. No one is being cheated.

Let me express my thoughts in the form of code:
  • IF it is competed and released, THEN I'll be happy to play it. 
  • ELSEIF it is cancelled, THEN I will be disappointed, 
  • ELSE it's none of my concern until one of those happens.

I've seen people getting huffy about it. Why? How is not playing this game (or any game) right now going to negatively affect your life? Honestly, these folks are acting like Kingdom Hearts 3 is clean drinking water or food necessary to survive. I just defined first world problems...

My point is that while I have hope that it will eventually come out, I have no expectations. Until there's definite word that it's ceased development or is released, I won't engage in unproductive naysaying.... it doesn't make the game come out any faster. Kingdom Hearts is a series full of hope and has been a positive influence in my life. Even if it dones't come out, it doesn't diminish the good experiences I had with the other games.

I'm looking forward to it!

That said, what is this KH 2.8 coming out in January? It looks weird, and it's really stretching credulity, but I want it nonetheless. Though another delay before KH3 gets here, (since clearly they're spending resources working on this instead of 3) but I cannot begrudge another chapter in the excellent storyline and a remake of 3D, one of the best spinoff titles.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

13.8 Hours Later

Thirteen hours and fourty-eight minutes: the amount of time I wasted on Goat Simulator.

Did I get my moneys worth? I don't remember how much it was at the time I purchased it, but if it was $5 I paid too much. This is a dumb game, and yes, I know the Steam page even says so.

So forget about Mad Max. My new gaming rubric is to overshadow Goat Simulator.

This... might be more of a challenge than my previous one. Speaking of, though Half Life 2 has just eked past DCUO and Starbound muscled in, pushing Batkam Arkham Origins out of the ranking, that looks largely the same.

Most of the games 13 hours and below are ones that I've completed one playthrough (Tom Braider), or multiple playthroughs but is a shorter game (Portal, American Nightmare).

I know it looks bad for a Fallout fan to have logged so few hours into FO2, but that's just on Steam, mind you. The actual number of playthoughs is like 6+.

Crayon physics and Shoppe Keep are larks that I didn't get all that into, whereas Vice City infuriated me. It has not aged well, and I don't tolerate its gameplay quirks well anymore.

RPG Maker is something I may or may not use in the future to further my game making aspirations, but it is not high priority.

That leaves FF8 and Two Worlds 2... ones I have started but got distracted by other things and haven't gotten back to, or play intermittently. I think these are the two most likely to punt that goat down the steam chute.

What a goal, huh? Below is the review that got me wondering about this figure.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gaming Duties

A list to remind me what games I should be focusing on, for the sake of finishing some:
  • Final Fantasy X (PS3)
  • Dark Messiah (PC)
  • Postal 2: Paradise Lost (PC)
  • Earthbound (WiiU)
What I'm actually playing, mostly because they are fun:
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (PC)
  • Saints Row IV (PC)
Games I can play anytime with little or no pressure to finish them, mostly because they're pretty open ended:
  • Starbound
  • Reigns
  • We Happy Few
  • Death Road to Canada
Games I plan to install overnight so I can get into them once I finish something:
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (although I have this one on PS3 as well... hmmm.)
  • Soma 
  • Resident Evil 4
I ordered some nostalgic cartoons which will be arriving shortly, The Tick (Seasons 1 & 2), Pirates of Darkwater, and Conan the Adventurer (Season 2). My kids got me into Gravity Falls, which is really good and surprisingly mature (in that it doesn't dumb things down for kids).

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Time of Legends

I mentioned that I am looking forward to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I like the games, but I haven't played many of the newer ones... and when I say newer, I mean the DS and forward. Intending to catch up some, I bought Skyward Sword and Windwaker HD, but there are so many I missed in between, I won't even attempt to catch them all. Thankful each is its own compartmentalized story with no continuity between them... well, after the first two.

Here's the score:

Zelda 1: Maybe 90% completed. The final dungeons kicked my butt.
Zelda 2: Completed!
Link to the Past: Completed!
Links Awakening: 10% completed because I never owned it.
Ocarina of Time: No idea... but I never became adult Link, which is probably not much.
Majora's Mask: Never played.
Oracle of Ages: Completed! (borrowed)
Oracle of Seasons: Never played.
Four Swords/Wind Waker/Minish Cap: Never played.
Twilight Princess: 10% at a guess.
Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks: Never played.
Skyward Sword: I got the sword and went to the surface. Haven't played it since.
Link Between Worlds: Looks interesting, but as if I'd pay full price for a modern title.
Tri Force Heroes: New to me. See above.

I see that they are readily available on the Nintendo e-shop, so perhaps I'll pick up a few... when I complete the ones I have! Honestly... I have so many games and not enough time to play them all. I have six Assasin's Creek [sic] games and have finished one and started on the next. I tried to go back to my game in progress (Brotherhood, I think) after several months and am so bad at the controls I can't get anything done. Dang these games that almost require binge playing.

If I were to go back, I think I'd start with Links Awakening... $6. Not bad.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Most Anticipated 2016-2017

Here are some games I look forward to both announced and expected.

Kingdom Hearts III
Of course it's coming out... eventually. Like they're just going to cancel the end of this awesome cash cow. I'm content to wait... that's what KH fans do. The series just fills us with so much hope! (Katara cry)

Final Fantasy XV
Looks really good! This is a system seller... and the anime, CG movie, and gameplay videos are all really appealing.(Edit: Having got my PS4, I have still not invested much time in this one. Funny that.)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Iga does this genre well. Since there is no more Castlevania, we now call the genre "Igavania".

Shadow Warrior 2
Heard it described as Shadow Warrior + Diablo 2. Sounds fun. (Edit: Got it. It was fun, but grindy. I enjoyed it, but don't see my self doing a replay.)

Saints Row V
Not a peep out of Volition or Deep Silver on this one. Odd... gotta be coming though. Maybe they'll do the No Mans Sky idea right... have space travel and colony building. (Edit: Agents of Mayhem is set in the same universe, releases in August 2017 and is superhero based. Works for me.)

Cyberpunk 2077
Based on the tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020 I love. Speaking of... it may be 2020 by the time it comes out. Whatever. As long as it takes to be great!

Bards Tale IV

Stardew Valley Multiplayer
Planned in a future update... so I got a copy for my kids when it eventually happens.

Injustice 2
I enjoy beating up Superman in as many ways as possible.

Metal Gear Survive ????
Don't look at me like that.... I'm not a traitor! I'm willing to give this a chance... if I can play it solo and it has game play as satisfying as in MSGV.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Not much into Zelda (well... post Link's Awakening), but the previews are promising.

Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice 
September 8! (Full fanboy mode engaged!) This anime cutscene looks amazing! Maya's back!

Ace Attorney Investigations 2
Need more Edgey!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Exasperated Max

Mad Max currently ranks #13 on Steam as having the most hours of play. I intend to knock it off the top 20.

Rather than a buggy remnant of a quest I completed, I like to think it means metaphysically.
It's right.... I should.

I recently finished the game... all I cared to of it. I liked the game play... cruising around in the Magnum Opus (the game's customizable/upgradable car). Harpooning and blowing vehicles up was fun. Clearing camps was a slog because gathering scrap is arduous and the combat is a chore... or the other way around even. I got all but the last two areas cleared of threat and I have no desire to do the abysmally boring Mine Clearing missions to finish them up... frankly I have no incentive. Where the game lacked was the story missions. I saw in a game magazine sometime ago... in reference to the protagonist of Secret of Evermore. "It's hard to [care for] a character who doesn't [care]." Max gives little in the way of excrement. He just wants to get his car and leave. You know those minecraft players who just want to blaze through adventure maps to get to the end? That's him. He cares about his car and his own skin. Occasionally he shows a shred of almost exasperated humanity, like "Fine. I'll be a decent human being for once"  but he's no hero. He is quite mad, after all. It's a very nihilistic setting that comes to a very nihilistic conclusion. I haven't seen the new Mad Max film yet, but compared to the original films with Mel Gibson, this game was a downer.

A super rare splash of color after nearly 70 hours of play.

Tangent: I have been playing We Happy Few occasionally. It's unfinished... in alpha, but it looks good and has a neat premise. I have not gotten to Wellington Wells proper, full of the shiny happy (drugged up) people... but being stuck in the downer portion is incentive to get away from these sad sacks. I'm trying to be less of a downer myself. According to spritely Lindsey Stirling, your brain can't tell reality from imagination (which is the definition of crazy... so we're all nuts.... just as I suspected!) which is why the fake it till you make it mentality is healthy and works. Apparently, smiling and laughing out loud (Yuna thought so too... whoa, weird) releases endorphins to trick your brain into thinking "teh happy things, lol". Also. standing in a confident pose releases testosterone to make you feel confident.

So yes... where was I... oh, Mad Max. Screw this game. It's finished.... stick a fork in it... it's done! Now to supplant those 70 hours I devoted to it. So here's the plan. Here's a graphic of the games beneath it in my steam list ordered by playtime. Playing those are the most likely to accomplish this mission... quest.... thing!
Batman Arkham City - Can do! I loved this game, and even though I have it on console (which I prefer to play it on) I can burn a couple of hours mopping up side missions.
Undertale - The kids will more than likely play through it again at some point. Maybe I'll give it a go... who knows.
DC Universe Online - All I have to do is update it and that should fulfill the required hours. Not even kidding.
Half Life 2 - Have been playing on and off. This one never really gets old.
7 Days to Die - Hmmmm. Pass.
Alan Wake - I've started it and lost interest several times, but I want to do a full replay at some point.
Portal 2 - Still a classic, and I need to finish the multiplayer levels with my sons.
Duke Nukem Forever - I could play it again. Step off!
Dark Messiah of M&M - I think I know what I'm slotting in now that Mad Max is off.
Batman: Arkham Origins-  Nah.

So that's a task that should take about a year. I'm not obsessing over it, but when It's done, I'll get some satisfaction out of it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why I no longer read Knights of the Dinner Table (Repost)

Repost from Facebook, originally written December 5, 2008.

Notes (2016): My apathy continues unabated... I only occasionally check Kenzerco to check if it's still in publication. Kinda like how I check on Spoony monthly to see if he's done any work... the difference being that, amazingly, KoDT is still producing content.

Ugh. Upon going to the Kenzerco website to verify that link, I was unfortunately reminded of the live action KoDT series that was kickstarted. If the Kickstarter preview was any indication, this is going to be painful. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Films Seen and Unseen

At the beginning of the year, I posted a list of movies I wanted to see. I'm adding some. Here is how it stands now:

Mockingjay: Part 2 - Liked it, it was a great conclusion, but these movies are heavy.
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Liked and mean to purchase at some point.
Hotel Transylvania 2 - I liked the first one better, but it was okay.
Zootopia - Pretty good, but the racism subtext was more like racism obvious text.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Captain America: Civil War
The Wolverine
X-Men Days of Future Past
X-Men Apocalypse
Insurgent (and Divergent before that)
Maze Runner, both films
Mad Max (maybe)

Next week my pre-order of Batman: The Killing Joke will be arriving. I find it extraordinary that I've had to dodge spoilers, but I suppose it was inevitable that it be shown at San Diego Comic Con, and several people from channels I follow went to that.

I want to go to a con in the future, when it's viable.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

On to Other Distractions

I'm off Minecraft now and onto other activities that seem less pointless. Such as:
  1. Arrow/Flash - After the DC Animated Universe glut (I purchased almost everything from the last decade or so and even the old Batman the Animated Series movies) we got into Netflixing these shows pretty hard.
  2. Humble Bundles - This is a great way to get games on a budget and support my favorite cause... Charity: Water. Last month I received Mad Max and have been enjoying that, as I am a fan of the Arkham style combat, open world games. Also picked up the Buffy/Angel/Spike comics by ADW this way.
  3. Streams/Podcasts - Mostly the Co-optional Podcast and Beyond the Black Rims. Occasionally I can catch the The Codec, but it's on at weird times, so I only see the email notification too late. This is the main way I stay abreast of gaming news.
  4. SmallBasic Programming - I've been experimenting with various coding things, in my attempt to make a game at some point. Here's one of my projects... hopefully I can imbed it properly.... (requires silverlight) (Edit: Ha ha... I removed it. It's gone) The point of this one in particular was learning how to move a character and to procedurally generate a map on a grid. It seems to operate pretty slow online, so I'd recommend downloading SB and just import in the program using the code: PQC449.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rethinking Axpack - Fluctuating Temperatures

Since this post (and this and that as well) I've been playing the pack and have been coming around to some decisions about what I want in it. I stand by everything in Mod Commentary Part 1.

Mods I'm Warming Up To

Minecraft Comes Alive - I've tried it before and enjoyed it for the most part. Definitely gives you more attachment for villagers when they have a name and a unique appearance (and gender) and you can form bonds with them through presents, conversation, marriage, and childbirth. I prefer one mod to rule them all in this regard, and would rather not have other mods villagers reminding me of the default Testificates existence.

Roguelike Dungeons - I know what I said, but dungeons are hard to find normally. Plus, most of the dungeons in recent versions have been not so ugly to look at. I moved into one. As for what lurks below, you can ignore or explore at your whim. I find them great places to just take over.

Apple Milk Tea - Since getting into blood magic, hot milk is essential. It seems somewhat out of place with modern blenders and such, but I can't complain too much with my other tech mods about. The yuzu battery thing is a bit weird though.

Mods I've Cooled On

Railcraft - Marble is in Chisel. Steel is in Mekanism. The core of the mod revolves around rails and carts and such, and I was never into that, The feeding station is nice, but not enough to keep me.

Artifacts - I've decided they are overpowered and I just don't use them that much. The towers are nice, but Roguelike's are sorta comparable.

Artifice - Added too much clutter in terms of ores. Chisel does the job.

Perhaps... Possibly

Portal Gun - Love this thing. I have fond memories of using it in Axpack 1... and those turets are pretty handy.

Ancient Warfare - Nice to be able to create NPCs to order about, and adds these huge walled cities. Those can be a blessing and curse. They provide a ready source of dungeon loot... perhaps too much.

Growthcraft - My reasons for this one are largely aesthetic. I like how the stuff looks... not so much the dynamics of messing with it.

Ender Lilies, Runes, and Blood Stuff

Occasionally I load up my world from the previous Axpack... in the current Axpack that is. I love how 1.7+ is so accommodating in that regard. I cleared out the old place and moved it all to a new location. For now, I am habitating the hollow of a very large redwood whist creating the central tower of my future base nearby. The idea is a marble pillar with solar panels and windmills on top, and sends energy down through the center. Rooms dedicated to certain pursuits will radiate off the core.In my technically current world, my pursuits of blood magic is going well. For a while I had a crop of ender-lilies coming up at the old tower, so I moved the blood altar over so I could make slates while my presence kept those chunk updates happening for the lilies.

Well, I got one ender core. That speeds the growth up quite a bit.
 I hope to get more going and pick up speed with their production.

I tried setting up a room to channel monsters from spawners into the old smeltery. Last I checked there were about nine buckets of blood in there. Had to keep a trashcan nearby through for all the monster junk they dropped.

I have enough string, thanks, Just donate the blood and go.

Most of my time there was spent making slates, upgrading them, and then turning them into Runes of Sacrifice.
Along the way I created a sigil of the green grove, which helped the remaining ender lilies to mature. Once that happened I moved the altar back to the new tower.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Applying Myself Energistically

I finally broke down and added Thermal Foundation and Expansion into AxPack4... doing without the Pulverizer got to me. I also added in Artifice and soon after messily ripped it out again, after I'd generated a bunch of chunks of course. I was all prepared to come on here and say it didn't screw up anything, but when I logged onto my main world to verify that... well.

There was alot of this going on...
and quite a bit of this.
Ooh... diamonds!
It was then I realized I didn't have a silk touch pick, so I marked them on the minimap and went back to the tower to make TC silky jewel to attach to my spare pick. In the process I realized that I did not have an applied energistics computer to put all my crap in.

Like the smeltery in the beginning, this is a super tedious but obligatory process. Very flippin' tempted to just figure out the material cost, dump that in the bin outside my tower, and procure them from creative mode my second inventory. That's fair, right?

Fine, I'll be good. ... For now.

Just a note to myself, but this pack really doesn't like you opening the resource pack folder. Crashed twice doing that as a shortcut to the screenshots directory.

I made the dang charger... what? It don't work.
My windmills are at the very top of the tower, which is not very convenient, admittedly. So I fly up there and plug in the charger thing and remember that it requires a power converter. o~o

I'll get back to this later.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kingdom Hearts III Wishlist (repost)

The following is a repost from Facebook, where it languished, now to languish here. oh, but I updated it as bit as appropriate. It was originally posted in 2013 from the looks.


1) Gargoyles! Man, that show rocked. We recently got the first two seasons, and it is as great as I remember. Apparently the 3rd season The Goliath Chronicles jumped the shark, so we'll pass on that one. Anyway, I came up with the perfect setting for them too.. The expanded Traverse Town from KH:3D was flipping huge and had lots of high buildings. They'd fit right in. Story wise, they were cursed as they were in the show, then Malificent moves into Castle Wyvern and having partnered with David Xanatos, raises it above the clouds. Due to the enmity with both villains, the gargoyles re-settle in Traverse Town.

 2) The Duckverse... you know, Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. Scrooge, Donald, and the nephews are in, so... I want to see Scrooges Moneybin as a minigame, Launchpad and perhaps Gizmoduck to make appearances. Original (living) voice talents, of course.

3) Max (Goofy's son). What ever happened to Goofy's wife anyway? Do I want to know? Anyhoo, since Pete is in already, where's his son.... what's his name... PJ?

4) If they include Star Wars... and let's face it, they will.... the Death Star world, set in Episode IV. Luke joins you... get the original talent out to record voices. However, since The Force Awakens has come about, it'll probably be that one, which I know nothing about (at the time of posting).

5) If they include Marvel, and they will... Wolverine joins your party... and maybe set in Genosha or something... battle Magneto (I'm curious if his powers would effect the keyblade). Edit (2015): Since X-men has been out of the spotlight for a while (oh... no I haven't seen Days of Future Past) it would more likely be an Avengers setting Edit 2 (2016): Since Marvel doesn't own the license for the X-Men films, and it's doubtful they'd be allowed to use it in another medium, so just forget the X-men thing and assume they'd use Avengers for now.

6) If they use Pixar stuff.... oh boy... that's a whole other multiverse of possibilities, but personally I'd be content with just a Toy Story world. Wouldn't that be great!? Sora and Co. turned into toys... exploring the houses and yards of Cid and the good kid I'm too lazy to look up but ironically it's more work to type all this that to break down and check wikipedia *gasp* and breathe...

7) A studio Ghibli world would be excellent... I recommend Howl's Moving Castle.

8) It should go without saying that Castle Oblivion will return for... reasons... which are spoilers.

9) Another Final Fantasy world - Radiant Garden clearly isn't FF7/8 world and the Destiny Isles clearly aren't in Spira/FF8 World. Seifer & Co. appeared in Twilight town... do they know Leon in this continuity? Setzer appeared once... where's he from? I could do with more FF6 characters. When it comes down to it though. if they take a straight world let it be Final Fantasy 6, with at least Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, and of course Kefka!

10) We saw Big Hero 6... so, now I want... no, demand to be able to visit Sanfrancokyo, have Sora meet up with this near-clone Hiro, and team with Baymax.

and just cause it's funny...

 X) Gummi Bears! So it won't happen... I still get a chuckle out of the thought. I mean... where did those gummi blocks come from in the first two games anyway?


Return of the Riku Replica (from KH:COM). The chronicle of COM in 3D alludes to the possibility, saying the replica "seemingly vanished". Yup. He'll be back.

Master Eraqus - Sora revives hearts and such. I expect it.

Data Sora - Though he was a construct of Sora as computer data, he was his own character with his own experiences, a trait demonstrated by the series to be important.

DiZ (Ansem the Wise) if only for the epic voice of Christopher Lee. Edit (6/16/15): Dang it... he's departed. Ian McKellen, maybe? Who CAN fill his shoes?

Rescue Rangers - Put Chip and Dale in their outfits from the show and add Monty and Gadget to the mix, why not?

Gaston - Isn't it weird that though Beast's Castle appears in two games, Gaston doesn't even get a mention? For that matter what about Belle's father? Really... we need a chance to beat Gaston's frenchy arse! Of course... during the credits of KH2 we see the curse on the Beast was broken... so le sigh.

Rinoa - Squall... err... Leon gets a letter from her during the credits of KH2. I think it's inevitable. What's their story in this continuity?

Phineas and Ferb - Traveling the worlds by their own means (of course Candace plans on busting them for it), Sora and Co. meet them occasionally. A subplot with Doofenshmirtz and his Inators would be great... and obtain Perry the Platapus as a summon. Start the animation with P&F (on a random world each time) saying "Where's Perry?" and then cut back to him assisting in the battle.

Guardians of the Galaxy - This group is another that would travel the worlds by their own ship. No idea what they'd do exactly, but it'd be wonderful and epic. Groot summon!

Could Work

Princess & the Frog, Finding Nemo, Tangled (confirmed), Cars, Monsters Inc., Wreck it Ralph (summon please... "I'm Gonna Wreck It!"), Frozen (...), Brave

Just No

Pocahontas, Brother Bear, Song of the South, Chicken Little, Brave Little Toaster


Destiny Isles Trailer
Twilight Town E3 2015 Trailer
Tangled Announcement
Mt. Olympus E3 2015 Trailer
Big Hero 6!!!!!! Announcement

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moving Tower (Modded Minecraft)

A while ago, I discovered a great tower (actually the surface of a rogue-like dungeon... which now that I think of it, are not rogue-like in any way whatsoever), It was a better tower than the one I currently inhabited, so I went with my tower envy and moved in.

Goodbye, old and busted...
Hello, new hotness!
Mekanism Cardboard boxes are the best for moving.
Ground floor after unpacking.
Second level - Ars Magica Lab.
Third floor living quarters.
Botania re-retup. The dang movers broke the mana pool without using the mana first. Pissed.
I still need to move over the blood altar and either pack up the Ars Magica spell altar structure or build a new one out of better stuff.

Oh, and aside from Minecraft, I played a bit of The Lone Dark yesterday. Found a key that apparently gives you a flash of your coordinates. So I spamily abused it, trying to find myself on maps I found online... it didn't help. After exiting the game I found that it had filled my desktop with 30-bajillion screencaps. Turns out that key is for taking a bugtesting screenshot.

Anyhoo, I lived past day 10, then was totally robbed as I carefully made my way down a cliff. I must have passed the arbitrary "you fell to your death" limit. Such bull. Still, it's a good game and very pretty. It's amazing how serene it can be whist trying not to die of hypothermia and starvation.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Quest for the End

Our phone woes have been remedied by a little box called a OBIhai (reminds me of Obad Hai, Grayhawk's nature deity) which was $50 to allow us phone calls through Google Voice.... for free. So we reconnected the internet, dropped the landline, and are looking into saying sayonara to AT&T entirely with alternate DSL providers. It's what they get for lacking grace. You don't value a customer and stick with them in hard times, you lose them.

Something that annoyed me about seeing my adventure maps played on Youtube was the crappy attitude exhibited by some players. They cheated with abandon, complained about the requirement of reading to know where to go or to solve quests, and were generally ungrateful. It's as if being challenged or taking risks offended them. The coherent and thought-out story elements were dismissed as unnecessary dressing.

Why do these people play?

I really wonder. Is it just the minecraft aesthetic that appeals to them? To be doing something in a blocky environment? Is it the compelling core gameplay? In an adventure map, much of that is understood to be aside from the goal. It should be obvious, but an adventure has quests to fulfill that ultimately come to a conclusion. Goals that don't involve mining, crafting, or building. These things are not present, if you follow... my adventure maps are not about Minecraft! What is present (story and detail) is under appreciated.

Though the end of a story can be satisfying, the meat of the experience is between the beginning and end. If you are just playing to get it over with, what's the point of beginning at all? This parallels the concepts of Edenova, Nodes, and Codexes in my campaign setting, Heroshi.

All things have a beginning and an end.
An origin and a terminus.
For either to have any meaning, there must be a span between them.
The beginning and end are moot if there is no journey.
A beginning that ends immediately annihilates itself so utterly that it never existed.
So a conduit is essential in conjunction with the origin and terminus, or the result is destruction.

The conduit it refers to is the time in between... the journey. I'm suggesting that Minecraft players should learn to enjoy the journey. It's what gives the end meaning. What makes one yearn for a new story to begin. An impetus to make a new journey possible.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year Adventures

This year has been too adventuresome so far. Stop it, 2016! Trouble with vehicles and bills. We are currently without internet at home. I researched a bunch of companies for alternate ISPs and phone providers, but the choices are AT&T or some form of satellite internet (which is not ideal for gaming) since we live in the boonies.

Still, we can play on our home network, and the kids can do without Skywars and TF2 for a few weeks. Actually, the modded minecraft map we were playing on met with a terrible accident on account of a misfire with a Flan's mod explosive weapon. Lost several chests... and I did not have a recent backup, so I was unhappy. I think I may port the map into Axpack 4 using Worldedit. The custom pack we were using for that is experimental anyway, trying out Ancient Warfare, Immersive Engineering, Witchery, and various others.

I've been considering adding Mariculture into Axpack 4, which requires Enchiridion, and is divided into a bunch of modules. I think I'll use the Core (required, so duh), Diving, Factory, and World. Not into fishing, so leaving that out. When recipes call for fish, they mean vanilla, so adding 40 more would just muddy the waters. Also considering throwing Blood Magic in, because I can't seem to resist it for long. Although I became bored of Witchery, I know there is a lot I haven't done in it, so it's too early to write it off, so that may go in the pot as well.

I am still considering Project Red. I like volcanoes, but I already have marble AND quarried stone. I kinda like the illumination options but never really pursued them before... but they look nice, so I may. However, it seems like many of the modules for PR are a dual edged affair... Exploration comes with those annoying dye trees but also the useful gemstones.

It seems 2015 was a pretty good year for films. So, there are some movies of that I still need to catch:
  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  2. Mockingjay: Part 2
  3. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  4. Insurgent (and Divergent before that)
  5. Maze Runner, both films
  6. Mad Max (maybe)
  7. Hotel Transylvania 2
Yes, I haven't seen the new Star Wars, and it is as of yet unspoiled.
I'm guessing nothing like this: