Friday, September 16, 2016

Hope is my Power!

It's been 11 years since Kingdom Hearts 2. A long time to be sure. It was 3.5 years between the first game and the second, but they released Chain of Memories in between.... so I didn't mind waiting. Over the next few years they released four spin off titles, then the HD remixes/collections of previous games. I appreciated them.

I am looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 and seem to be in the minority of those who have not lost hope. Why should I be concerned about this. It's a game! I don't need it! I'm not entitled to it... Nomura and Square-Enix do not owe it to me or anyone. No one is being cheated.

Let me express my thoughts in the form of code:
  • IF it is competed and released, THEN I'll be happy to play it. 
  • ELSEIF it is cancelled, THEN I will be disappointed, 
  • ELSE it's none of my concern until one of those happens.

I've seen people getting huffy about it. Why? How is not playing this game (or any game) right now going to negatively affect your life? Honestly, these folks are acting like Kingdom Hearts 3 is clean drinking water or food necessary to survive. I just defined first world problems...

My point is that while I have hope that it will eventually come out, I have no expectations. Until there's definite word that it's ceased development or is released, I won't engage in unproductive naysaying.... it doesn't make the game come out any faster. Kingdom Hearts is a series full of hope and has been a positive influence in my life. Even if it dones't come out, it doesn't diminish the good experiences I had with the other games.

I'm looking forward to it!

That said, what is this KH 2.8 coming out in January? It looks weird, and it's really stretching credulity, but I want it nonetheless. Though another delay before KH3 gets here, (since clearly they're spending resources working on this instead of 3) but I cannot begrudge another chapter in the excellent storyline and a remake of 3D, one of the best spinoff titles.

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