Thursday, May 12, 2016

On to Other Distractions

I'm off Minecraft now and onto other activities that seem less pointless. Such as:
  1. Arrow/Flash - After the DC Animated Universe glut (I purchased almost everything from the last decade or so and even the old Batman the Animated Series movies) we got into Netflixing these shows pretty hard.
  2. Humble Bundles - This is a great way to get games on a budget and support my favorite cause... Charity: Water. Last month I received Mad Max and have been enjoying that, as I am a fan of the Arkham style combat, open world games. Also picked up the Buffy/Angel/Spike comics by ADW this way.
  3. Streams/Podcasts - Mostly the Co-optional Podcast and Beyond the Black Rims. Occasionally I can catch the The Codec, but it's on at weird times, so I only see the email notification too late. This is the main way I stay abreast of gaming news.
  4. SmallBasic Programming - I've been experimenting with various coding things, in my attempt to make a game at some point. Here's one of my projects... hopefully I can imbed it properly.... (requires silverlight) (Edit: Ha ha... I removed it. It's gone) The point of this one in particular was learning how to move a character and to procedurally generate a map on a grid. It seems to operate pretty slow online, so I'd recommend downloading SB and just import in the program using the code: PQC449.