Friday, February 25, 2011

Stream of...ZZZZZZ

Right, so the exactly 0 people who read this have figured out by now that blogging really isn't my thing, y'know? Nonetheless, this is my obligatory (?) check in.

I'm not using that barrel for even gardening. Unless there's some way to for certain get the toxins out of the plastic, it can serve as an outdoor table or sawhorse. I could fill the bottom with sand and use it as a boost to get on top of the house I suppose. More effective than parkour alone. We have a freakin' leak in the roof, you see. Apparently tarring and laying down aluminum flashing wasn't enough to fix it, so periodically we get a drip in the computer room of rusty brown water. Oddly, I used the ppm meter we got with our Zerowater pitcher on it and it's more pure than our tap water. Not encouraging.

We got this pitcher to filter out the fluoride. According to our research it screws up the thyroid and a bunch of other bad stuff. Since my wife is already has hypothyroidism, we ill need our drinking water to screw it up more. She hasn't had to have her thyroid med dosage adjusted since we started using it, as before it had to be about every 3-6 months. We're also abstaining from aspartame, splenda, and other specious sweeteners. We're using alot of honey, so it's good that Sam's has 5 lb containers of the stuff for $12. Also, sugar. Yeah, the stuff we're supposed to fear and despise... like it's the X-men. Obviously we use moderation, but seriously... sugar is just safer.

Anyhoo, looking forward to doing my garden. Going with the square foot garden design I've seen so much of. My son planted pepper seeds in a Styrofoam(TM?) cup, so I separated out the sprouts and now have 33 pepper plants ready to go. I'll probably be giving some away... or hocking them at the flea market possibly. Speaking of the FM, we could make a killing during the summer selling bottled water. I mean, you can get 24 packs at Freds for $3. Selling them at 50 cents, that's a profit of $9... so that's something in excess of $1 an hour! Awesome!

At work they seem to want to mold me into some weird extrovert who dresses nice. They bought me two suits and some shirts and such, so I'm suspecting a setup. I work for a church, so shouldn't they be more concerned with my work and my character than superficial things? One of my favorite people quit today. More to come, probably when they try to lump her duties on others.

Well, later I suppose.