Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rethinking Axpack - Fluctuating Temperatures

Since this post (and this and that as well) I've been playing the pack and have been coming around to some decisions about what I want in it. I stand by everything in Mod Commentary Part 1.

Mods I'm Warming Up To

Minecraft Comes Alive - I've tried it before and enjoyed it for the most part. Definitely gives you more attachment for villagers when they have a name and a unique appearance (and gender) and you can form bonds with them through presents, conversation, marriage, and childbirth. I prefer one mod to rule them all in this regard, and would rather not have other mods villagers reminding me of the default Testificates existence.

Roguelike Dungeons - I know what I said, but dungeons are hard to find normally. Plus, most of the dungeons in recent versions have been not so ugly to look at. I moved into one. As for what lurks below, you can ignore or explore at your whim. I find them great places to just take over.

Apple Milk Tea - Since getting into blood magic, hot milk is essential. It seems somewhat out of place with modern blenders and such, but I can't complain too much with my other tech mods about. The yuzu battery thing is a bit weird though.

Mods I've Cooled On

Railcraft - Marble is in Chisel. Steel is in Mekanism. The core of the mod revolves around rails and carts and such, and I was never into that, The feeding station is nice, but not enough to keep me.

Artifacts - I've decided they are overpowered and I just don't use them that much. The towers are nice, but Roguelike's are sorta comparable.

Artifice - Added too much clutter in terms of ores. Chisel does the job.

Perhaps... Possibly

Portal Gun - Love this thing. I have fond memories of using it in Axpack 1... and those turets are pretty handy.

Ancient Warfare - Nice to be able to create NPCs to order about, and adds these huge walled cities. Those can be a blessing and curse. They provide a ready source of dungeon loot... perhaps too much.

Growthcraft - My reasons for this one are largely aesthetic. I like how the stuff looks... not so much the dynamics of messing with it.

Ender Lilies, Runes, and Blood Stuff

Occasionally I load up my world from the previous Axpack... in the current Axpack that is. I love how 1.7+ is so accommodating in that regard. I cleared out the old place and moved it all to a new location. For now, I am habitating the hollow of a very large redwood whist creating the central tower of my future base nearby. The idea is a marble pillar with solar panels and windmills on top, and sends energy down through the center. Rooms dedicated to certain pursuits will radiate off the core.In my technically current world, my pursuits of blood magic is going well. For a while I had a crop of ender-lilies coming up at the old tower, so I moved the blood altar over so I could make slates while my presence kept those chunk updates happening for the lilies.

Well, I got one ender core. That speeds the growth up quite a bit.
 I hope to get more going and pick up speed with their production.

I tried setting up a room to channel monsters from spawners into the old smeltery. Last I checked there were about nine buckets of blood in there. Had to keep a trashcan nearby through for all the monster junk they dropped.

I have enough string, thanks, Just donate the blood and go.

Most of my time there was spent making slates, upgrading them, and then turning them into Runes of Sacrifice.
Along the way I created a sigil of the green grove, which helped the remaining ender lilies to mature. Once that happened I moved the altar back to the new tower.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Applying Myself Energistically

I finally broke down and added Thermal Foundation and Expansion into AxPack4... doing without the Pulverizer got to me. I also added in Artifice and soon after messily ripped it out again, after I'd generated a bunch of chunks of course. I was all prepared to come on here and say it didn't screw up anything, but when I logged onto my main world to verify that... well.

There was alot of this going on...
and quite a bit of this.
Ooh... diamonds!
It was then I realized I didn't have a silk touch pick, so I marked them on the minimap and went back to the tower to make TC silky jewel to attach to my spare pick. In the process I realized that I did not have an applied energistics computer to put all my crap in.

Like the smeltery in the beginning, this is a super tedious but obligatory process. Very flippin' tempted to just figure out the material cost, dump that in the bin outside my tower, and procure them from creative mode my second inventory. That's fair, right?

Fine, I'll be good. ... For now.

Just a note to myself, but this pack really doesn't like you opening the resource pack folder. Crashed twice doing that as a shortcut to the screenshots directory.

I made the dang charger... what? It don't work.
My windmills are at the very top of the tower, which is not very convenient, admittedly. So I fly up there and plug in the charger thing and remember that it requires a power converter. o~o

I'll get back to this later.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kingdom Hearts III Wishlist (repost)

The following is a repost from Facebook, where it languished, now to languish here. oh, but I updated it as bit as appropriate. It was originally posted in 2013 from the looks.


1) Gargoyles! Man, that show rocked. We recently got the first two seasons, and it is as great as I remember. Apparently the 3rd season The Goliath Chronicles jumped the shark, so we'll pass on that one. Anyway, I came up with the perfect setting for them too.. The expanded Traverse Town from KH:3D was flipping huge and had lots of high buildings. They'd fit right in. Story wise, they were cursed as they were in the show, then Malificent moves into Castle Wyvern and having partnered with David Xanatos, raises it above the clouds. Due to the enmity with both villains, the gargoyles re-settle in Traverse Town.

 2) The Duckverse... you know, Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. Scrooge, Donald, and the nephews are in, so... I want to see Scrooges Moneybin as a minigame, Launchpad and perhaps Gizmoduck to make appearances. Original (living) voice talents, of course.

3) Max (Goofy's son). What ever happened to Goofy's wife anyway? Do I want to know? Anyhoo, since Pete is in already, where's his son.... what's his name... PJ?

4) If they include Star Wars... and let's face it, they will.... the Death Star world, set in Episode IV. Luke joins you... get the original talent out to record voices. However, since The Force Awakens has come about, it'll probably be that one, which I know nothing about (at the time of posting).

5) If they include Marvel, and they will... Wolverine joins your party... and maybe set in Genosha or something... battle Magneto (I'm curious if his powers would effect the keyblade). Edit (2015): Since X-men has been out of the spotlight for a while (oh... no I haven't seen Days of Future Past) it would more likely be an Avengers setting Edit 2 (2016): Since Marvel doesn't own the license for the X-Men films, and it's doubtful they'd be allowed to use it in another medium, so just forget the X-men thing and assume they'd use Avengers for now.

6) If they use Pixar stuff.... oh boy... that's a whole other multiverse of possibilities, but personally I'd be content with just a Toy Story world. Wouldn't that be great!? Sora and Co. turned into toys... exploring the houses and yards of Cid and the good kid I'm too lazy to look up but ironically it's more work to type all this that to break down and check wikipedia *gasp* and breathe...

7) A studio Ghibli world would be excellent... I recommend Howl's Moving Castle.

8) It should go without saying that Castle Oblivion will return for... reasons... which are spoilers.

9) Another Final Fantasy world - Radiant Garden clearly isn't FF7/8 world and the Destiny Isles clearly aren't in Spira/FF8 World. Seifer & Co. appeared in Twilight town... do they know Leon in this continuity? Setzer appeared once... where's he from? I could do with more FF6 characters. When it comes down to it though. if they take a straight world let it be Final Fantasy 6, with at least Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, and of course Kefka!

10) We saw Big Hero 6... so, now I want... no, demand to be able to visit Sanfrancokyo, have Sora meet up with this near-clone Hiro, and team with Baymax.

and just cause it's funny...

 X) Gummi Bears! So it won't happen... I still get a chuckle out of the thought. I mean... where did those gummi blocks come from in the first two games anyway?


Return of the Riku Replica (from KH:COM). The chronicle of COM in 3D alludes to the possibility, saying the replica "seemingly vanished". Yup. He'll be back.

Master Eraqus - Sora revives hearts and such. I expect it.

Data Sora - Though he was a construct of Sora as computer data, he was his own character with his own experiences, a trait demonstrated by the series to be important.

DiZ (Ansem the Wise) if only for the epic voice of Christopher Lee. Edit (6/16/15): Dang it... he's departed. Ian McKellen, maybe? Who CAN fill his shoes?

Rescue Rangers - Put Chip and Dale in their outfits from the show and add Monty and Gadget to the mix, why not?

Gaston - Isn't it weird that though Beast's Castle appears in two games, Gaston doesn't even get a mention? For that matter what about Belle's father? Really... we need a chance to beat Gaston's frenchy arse! Of course... during the credits of KH2 we see the curse on the Beast was broken... so le sigh.

Rinoa - Squall... err... Leon gets a letter from her during the credits of KH2. I think it's inevitable. What's their story in this continuity?

Phineas and Ferb - Traveling the worlds by their own means (of course Candace plans on busting them for it), Sora and Co. meet them occasionally. A subplot with Doofenshmirtz and his Inators would be great... and obtain Perry the Platapus as a summon. Start the animation with P&F (on a random world each time) saying "Where's Perry?" and then cut back to him assisting in the battle.

Guardians of the Galaxy - This group is another that would travel the worlds by their own ship. No idea what they'd do exactly, but it'd be wonderful and epic. Groot summon!

Could Work

Princess & the Frog, Finding Nemo, Tangled (confirmed), Cars, Monsters Inc., Wreck it Ralph (summon please... "I'm Gonna Wreck It!"), Frozen (...), Brave

Just No

Pocahontas, Brother Bear, Song of the South, Chicken Little, Brave Little Toaster


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