Monday, February 8, 2016

Applying Myself Energistically

I finally broke down and added Thermal Foundation and Expansion into AxPack4... doing without the Pulverizer got to me. I also added in Artifice and soon after messily ripped it out again, after I'd generated a bunch of chunks of course. I was all prepared to come on here and say it didn't screw up anything, but when I logged onto my main world to verify that... well.

There was alot of this going on...
and quite a bit of this.
Ooh... diamonds!
It was then I realized I didn't have a silk touch pick, so I marked them on the minimap and went back to the tower to make TC silky jewel to attach to my spare pick. In the process I realized that I did not have an applied energistics computer to put all my crap in.

Like the smeltery in the beginning, this is a super tedious but obligatory process. Very flippin' tempted to just figure out the material cost, dump that in the bin outside my tower, and procure them from creative mode my second inventory. That's fair, right?

Fine, I'll be good. ... For now.

Just a note to myself, but this pack really doesn't like you opening the resource pack folder. Crashed twice doing that as a shortcut to the screenshots directory.

I made the dang charger... what? It don't work.
My windmills are at the very top of the tower, which is not very convenient, admittedly. So I fly up there and plug in the charger thing and remember that it requires a power converter. o~o

I'll get back to this later.

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