Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moving Tower (Modded Minecraft)

A while ago, I discovered a great tower (actually the surface of a rogue-like dungeon... which now that I think of it, are not rogue-like in any way whatsoever), It was a better tower than the one I currently inhabited, so I went with my tower envy and moved in.

Goodbye, old and busted...
Hello, new hotness!
Mekanism Cardboard boxes are the best for moving.
Ground floor after unpacking.
Second level - Ars Magica Lab.
Third floor living quarters.
Botania re-retup. The dang movers broke the mana pool without using the mana first. Pissed.
I still need to move over the blood altar and either pack up the Ars Magica spell altar structure or build a new one out of better stuff.

Oh, and aside from Minecraft, I played a bit of The Lone Dark yesterday. Found a key that apparently gives you a flash of your coordinates. So I spamily abused it, trying to find myself on maps I found online... it didn't help. After exiting the game I found that it had filled my desktop with 30-bajillion screencaps. Turns out that key is for taking a bugtesting screenshot.

Anyhoo, I lived past day 10, then was totally robbed as I carefully made my way down a cliff. I must have passed the arbitrary "you fell to your death" limit. Such bull. Still, it's a good game and very pretty. It's amazing how serene it can be whist trying not to die of hypothermia and starvation.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Quest for the End

Our phone woes have been remedied by a little box called a OBIhai (reminds me of Obad Hai, Grayhawk's nature deity) which was $50 to allow us phone calls through Google Voice.... for free. So we reconnected the internet, dropped the landline, and are looking into saying sayonara to AT&T entirely with alternate DSL providers. It's what they get for lacking grace. You don't value a customer and stick with them in hard times, you lose them.

Something that annoyed me about seeing my adventure maps played on Youtube was the crappy attitude exhibited by some players. They cheated with abandon, complained about the requirement of reading to know where to go or to solve quests, and were generally ungrateful. It's as if being challenged or taking risks offended them. The coherent and thought-out story elements were dismissed as unnecessary dressing.

Why do these people play?

I really wonder. Is it just the minecraft aesthetic that appeals to them? To be doing something in a blocky environment? Is it the compelling core gameplay? In an adventure map, much of that is understood to be aside from the goal. It should be obvious, but an adventure has quests to fulfill that ultimately come to a conclusion. Goals that don't involve mining, crafting, or building. These things are not present, if you follow... my adventure maps are not about Minecraft! What is present (story and detail) is under appreciated.

Though the end of a story can be satisfying, the meat of the experience is between the beginning and end. If you are just playing to get it over with, what's the point of beginning at all? This parallels the concepts of Edenova, Nodes, and Codexes in my campaign setting, Heroshi.

All things have a beginning and an end.
An origin and a terminus.
For either to have any meaning, there must be a span between them.
The beginning and end are moot if there is no journey.
A beginning that ends immediately annihilates itself so utterly that it never existed.
So a conduit is essential in conjunction with the origin and terminus, or the result is destruction.

The conduit it refers to is the time in between... the journey. I'm suggesting that Minecraft players should learn to enjoy the journey. It's what gives the end meaning. What makes one yearn for a new story to begin. An impetus to make a new journey possible.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year Adventures

This year has been too adventuresome so far. Stop it, 2016! Trouble with vehicles and bills. We are currently without internet at home. I researched a bunch of companies for alternate ISPs and phone providers, but the choices are AT&T or some form of satellite internet (which is not ideal for gaming) since we live in the boonies.

Still, we can play on our home network, and the kids can do without Skywars and TF2 for a few weeks. Actually, the modded minecraft map we were playing on met with a terrible accident on account of a misfire with a Flan's mod explosive weapon. Lost several chests... and I did not have a recent backup, so I was unhappy. I think I may port the map into Axpack 4 using Worldedit. The custom pack we were using for that is experimental anyway, trying out Ancient Warfare, Immersive Engineering, Witchery, and various others.

I've been considering adding Mariculture into Axpack 4, which requires Enchiridion, and is divided into a bunch of modules. I think I'll use the Core (required, so duh), Diving, Factory, and World. Not into fishing, so leaving that out. When recipes call for fish, they mean vanilla, so adding 40 more would just muddy the waters. Also considering throwing Blood Magic in, because I can't seem to resist it for long. Although I became bored of Witchery, I know there is a lot I haven't done in it, so it's too early to write it off, so that may go in the pot as well.

I am still considering Project Red. I like volcanoes, but I already have marble AND quarried stone. I kinda like the illumination options but never really pursued them before... but they look nice, so I may. However, it seems like many of the modules for PR are a dual edged affair... Exploration comes with those annoying dye trees but also the useful gemstones.

It seems 2015 was a pretty good year for films. So, there are some movies of that I still need to catch:
  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  2. Mockingjay: Part 2
  3. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  4. Insurgent (and Divergent before that)
  5. Maze Runner, both films
  6. Mad Max (maybe)
  7. Hotel Transylvania 2
Yes, I haven't seen the new Star Wars, and it is as of yet unspoiled.
I'm guessing nothing like this: