Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moving Tower (Modded Minecraft)

A while ago, I discovered a great tower (actually the surface of a rogue-like dungeon... which now that I think of it, are not rogue-like in any way whatsoever), It was a better tower than the one I currently inhabited, so I went with my tower envy and moved in.

Goodbye, old and busted...
Hello, new hotness!
Mekanism Cardboard boxes are the best for moving.
Ground floor after unpacking.
Second level - Ars Magica Lab.
Third floor living quarters.
Botania re-retup. The dang movers broke the mana pool without using the mana first. Pissed.
I still need to move over the blood altar and either pack up the Ars Magica spell altar structure or build a new one out of better stuff.

Oh, and aside from Minecraft, I played a bit of The Lone Dark yesterday. Found a key that apparently gives you a flash of your coordinates. So I spamily abused it, trying to find myself on maps I found online... it didn't help. After exiting the game I found that it had filled my desktop with 30-bajillion screencaps. Turns out that key is for taking a bugtesting screenshot.

Anyhoo, I lived past day 10, then was totally robbed as I carefully made my way down a cliff. I must have passed the arbitrary "you fell to your death" limit. Such bull. Still, it's a good game and very pretty. It's amazing how serene it can be whist trying not to die of hypothermia and starvation.

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