Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Putting the Game Before the System

Today I pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition from Amazon. Apparently connecting my Twitch account to Amazon gave me a discount on games, or perhaps it just made me aware of a discount I already had. In any case, come November 29, I should be getting the game, the Kingsglaive movie, and such in a bulletproof (maybe) case for around $80. Now I just need to get the PS4 to play it on, but I can burn that bridge when it becomes more feasible. (Perhaps I'll slow cook the bridge so it turns into charcoal first. Hmmm.)

There were a few ways to go about this. Gamestop offers a limited edition PS4 slim with FFXVdx for $450, but when I saw the price of the Uncharted 4 PS4 slim bundle on Amazon for $300, the course became clear. I liked what I played of the first Uncharted. It's one I should get back to, but I've been playing Watchdogs lately instead.

Updates: I played some of Soma, and like it. The robots are not frightening in the least. They try to unsettle you though with screen filters and noises, but it only annoyed me slightly. I gave the killer robot a hug once... that wasn't a good idea. Had yet to figure out that the robo-sphincters around were for restoring health. I didn't know health was an issue at that point.

The Minecraft "Axpack-V" LAN game I've been playing with my youngest son has been working as well as I hoped. Got a digital miner going on three wind generators and basic factories running on lava generators churching out steel. Built him a robit and us both atomic destabilizers. He's been working at getting enough draconium to make some kind of weapon, but it's pretty rare, you know.