Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Finishing Moves

I've finished grief counseling feeling a weight (guilt mostly) has been lifted. I would recommend counseling to anyone who's having a hard time with anything. This is the time of year when things get on top of me, mood wise. You could call it Holiday Blues if you like, but in previous years I was conditioned to have it start earlier and earlier... like holiday sales itself. My new attitude is to simply do what I can and not worry about things I cannot control.

Thing is, I can control my mood. Part of it is the handful of vitamins and herbal magic-science I consume daily: fish oil (Omega 3), weight control (B6, Apple Cider, and Iodine), Vitamins D & E, and sometimes turmeric. I also get as much fresh garlic as I can stand and probiotics (in yogurt and pickles).

The other part is mental conditioning, avoiding the negative and reinforcing the positive. I have not been on Facebook for quite a long time now, and am so much better for it. I made a second account just to see what about me is shown to others without my knowledge. This led to to realize that FB is programmed to set people against one another, a system that filters out context in (I believe) an effort to divide and conquer. I also have a strict policy of no politics. I've un-followed people on twitter (or given them a time-out) for offering what they consider helpful advice, but colored by their political bias. That's not what I'm there for, so don't be doing me any favors. I think for myself, and again... the times are something I cannot change. I use twitter mostly for videogame oriented stuff... and am quite happy with it that way.

I've been finishing alot of games I started lately. I tend to have something I call "Endgame Anxiety", where generally I get to the last save-point before the final mission or battle and then stall for months. So I finally completed Watch Dogs 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (Dream Drop Distance/0.2 A Fragmentary Passage/That Weird Movie).

Next up to finish is Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I'm as ready as I will be to face Ganon, so I may as well get on with it, and put the game aside until December when the next DLC comes out. I also had a brief aside into the PS4 version of Metal Gear Solid V. Seems at least some of my soldiers from the PS3 version transferred over, an unexpected bonus.

I've been examining the structure of Kingdom Hearts games and trying to suss out how KH3 will be done. The Toy Story world has been revealed. So awesome... and I totally called it! They look great as action figures.

I'll go on at length about my new theories about how Kingdom Hearts 3 will play out... soon.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What I've Been Up to So Far in 2017.

Noticed an ad on the sidebar just now... a picture of someone's nasty fingernails... reminded me of the extra on one of Weird Al's CDs (way back, like when I was in college). If you put the CD in a computer you could watch a funny sketch of Al and his family. Anyhoo... in that an oldmun asks Al "Does this look infected to you?" and shows him a fingernail.

In January my fathers home burned to the ground. My father has to this day not been located. However, my brother was found in the burned house. I don't know how to describe it, but we'll go with "Horrendous, catastrophic tragedy". We still do not know exactly what transpired.

My brother was cremated and we had our Viking sendoff. He is super-super-missed. Many people have been very supportive and kind. I am attending grief counseling. It has helped, and there are good things to look forward to.

Since my brother and I had so much in common, particularly gaming-wise, getting on Steam was hard on me, because his avatar is always there on my friends list, and showing up on games he owned and games he wished for. I think you can understand why that made me sad.

Since getting a PS4 I switched to console gaming for a while. Ha! Gaming CONSOLEd me... never mind. I binged (bin-ghed... not Bing-ed) on Horizon Zero Dawn and Watch Dogs 2, played quite alot of Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and have barely touched Final Fantasy XV. I have not finished any of them. I just kinda stopped playing.

Lately, I've been able to get on Steam and mostly play some Fallout. Most recently I have evidently been transported back to 2004, as I've been playing The Bards Tale (the one with Cary Elwes... Westley from the Princess Bride!) and Fable. My bro let me start a game of Fable when I was over once. So...

For the same reason, though to a lesser extent, the tragedy has affected my viewing lately. We caught up on our superhero movies as of January, then the incident happened. We plan on seeing the new Wolverine movie, since we discussed it with my brother. We re-watched most of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (skipped most of season 4). Since then I haven't watched much on TV.

In the realm of streaming, I was into it for a while, interested in the culture, and then I fell off. It's all about audio cues... repeated sounds and phrases. After a while, it gets old. Also, turns out many gamers and immature and generally unsupportive, cliquish types. Sigh.

On YouTube I mostly watch things like Superbunnyhop and The Gaming Historian. I follow the Co-optional Podcast because my brother talked about it. YongYea seems to be on a roll lately with news about Cyberpunk 2077 and some other things that interest me.

I've been somewhat active on Twitter lately. Never thought that'd happen. Been learning its culture as well. Seems like alot of subversive sub-back expectations going on. I've learned not to follow musicians who randomly follow you. They're insincere... using you as a means to an end. Though, I feel a bit bad about it when they're actually talented, I don't want to validate that type of behavior.

Be kind to people. You never know what they're going through.

Take care!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Axpack V+

Yes, once again I am tinkering with my modpack. The mods I'm adding are mostly for variety, which the original pack was a bit lacking in, for all its trimness.

The Essentials

Damage Indicators
NEI + CodechickenCore
Treecapitator + BspkrsCore
Voxel Map
Greenthumb + D3core


BspkrsCore (Treecap)
CodechickenCore (NEI, Enderstorage)
CTMLib (Chisel)
Mantle (Natura)
OpenModsLib (OpenBlocks)
RadixCore (MCA)
COFHcore (???)
D3core (Greenthumb)

Original Selections for Axpack V

[x] Mekanism
[x] Extra Utilities
[x] Openblocks + OpenModsLib
[x] Minecraft Comes Alive + RadixCore
[x] Pam’s Harvestcraft
[x] Cooking for Blockheads
[x] Bibliocraft
[x] Ruins
[x] Roguelike Dungeons
[x] Oceancraft 
[x] Biomes O Plenty
[x] Twilight Forest

New Selections for Axpack V+
[x] Chisel + CTM Lib
[x] ExtrabiomesXL
[x] Dense Ores
[x] Tinkers Construct + Mantle & TiC Tooltips
[x] Enderstorage + CodechickenCore
[x] Big Reactors
[x] Mystcraft
[x] Natura + Mantle (mostly for the sake of the Nether)
[x] Hardcore Ender Expansion (Perhaps to add after the fact, and not in Technic pack)
[x] Ancient Warfare
[x] Immersive Engineering
[x] Growthcraft
[x] DefenceTech (runs off Mekanism Core) 

[ ] Open Modular Turrets


Under Consideration

Ars Magica
Dragon Mounts
Draconic Evolution + BrandonCore
Extreme Reactors - BigReactors ported for 1.10/.11
Thermal Expansion/etc./Minefactory Reloaded + COFH (Disable Ore in Configs)
Actually Additions
Camping Mod
Blood Magic