Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ender Lilies, Runes, and Blood Stuff

Occasionally I load up my world from the previous Axpack... in the current Axpack that is. I love how 1.7+ is so accommodating in that regard. I cleared out the old place and moved it all to a new location. For now, I am habitating the hollow of a very large redwood whist creating the central tower of my future base nearby. The idea is a marble pillar with solar panels and windmills on top, and sends energy down through the center. Rooms dedicated to certain pursuits will radiate off the core.In my technically current world, my pursuits of blood magic is going well. For a while I had a crop of ender-lilies coming up at the old tower, so I moved the blood altar over so I could make slates while my presence kept those chunk updates happening for the lilies.

Well, I got one ender core. That speeds the growth up quite a bit.
 I hope to get more going and pick up speed with their production.

I tried setting up a room to channel monsters from spawners into the old smeltery. Last I checked there were about nine buckets of blood in there. Had to keep a trashcan nearby through for all the monster junk they dropped.

I have enough string, thanks, Just donate the blood and go.

Most of my time there was spent making slates, upgrading them, and then turning them into Runes of Sacrifice.
Along the way I created a sigil of the green grove, which helped the remaining ender lilies to mature. Once that happened I moved the altar back to the new tower.

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