Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rethinking Axpack - Fluctuating Temperatures

Since this post (and this and that as well) I've been playing the pack and have been coming around to some decisions about what I want in it. I stand by everything in Mod Commentary Part 1.

Mods I'm Warming Up To

Minecraft Comes Alive - I've tried it before and enjoyed it for the most part. Definitely gives you more attachment for villagers when they have a name and a unique appearance (and gender) and you can form bonds with them through presents, conversation, marriage, and childbirth. I prefer one mod to rule them all in this regard, and would rather not have other mods villagers reminding me of the default Testificates existence.

Roguelike Dungeons - I know what I said, but dungeons are hard to find normally. Plus, most of the dungeons in recent versions have been not so ugly to look at. I moved into one. As for what lurks below, you can ignore or explore at your whim. I find them great places to just take over.

Apple Milk Tea - Since getting into blood magic, hot milk is essential. It seems somewhat out of place with modern blenders and such, but I can't complain too much with my other tech mods about. The yuzu battery thing is a bit weird though.

Mods I've Cooled On

Railcraft - Marble is in Chisel. Steel is in Mekanism. The core of the mod revolves around rails and carts and such, and I was never into that, The feeding station is nice, but not enough to keep me.

Artifacts - I've decided they are overpowered and I just don't use them that much. The towers are nice, but Roguelike's are sorta comparable.

Artifice - Added too much clutter in terms of ores. Chisel does the job.

Perhaps... Possibly

Portal Gun - Love this thing. I have fond memories of using it in Axpack 1... and those turets are pretty handy.

Ancient Warfare - Nice to be able to create NPCs to order about, and adds these huge walled cities. Those can be a blessing and curse. They provide a ready source of dungeon loot... perhaps too much.

Growthcraft - My reasons for this one are largely aesthetic. I like how the stuff looks... not so much the dynamics of messing with it.

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