Saturday, December 12, 2015

Axpack: The Next Generation

I've created several modpacks at this point. It's always a process of creating a base pack of my essentials and then progressively adding more as I think of them. They tend to be all over the place by the time I get finished with them, and by finished I mean I tire of my progression through it and quit playing.

So, this time I plan to... plan out the modpack in an orderly manner with goals in place for each mod added. I want a relatively compact pack with not too many resources and perhaps some consistency with theme.


See this post


Biomes O Plenty - I appreciate the variety on the overworld, Hot Springs especially.
Railcraft - I do love marble... I mean quarried stone.
Natura - An interesting nether is needed.


Just a note that I need to edit configs to eliminate any overlap. I don't want the same ore from different mods if I can avoid it.
Tinkers Construct - Adds those Oreberry bushes. Might disable those. Adds Ardite and Cobalt to the Nether, so that's good for the Nether.
Nether Ores - Nice to have more reason to bother with the nether.
Mekanism - Steel, Copper, Tin, Osmium... fairly compact really. Allows Bronze.
Railcraft - Steel, though you get that with Mekanism as well. Also, Dark Mineral meteors, Sulfur (good for Mekanism) and Saltpeter. Possibly silver and lead... not sure. That might just be compatibility with other mods that add those. Also has the feeding station... need that.
Dense Ores - Saves me a few whacks with a tool... worth it.


My choice for generating, storing, and moving power and resources is:
Mekanism - I love wind turbines. The energy cubes and cables are easy to use.
Big Reactors - Down the line, it'll be good. Oddly fun to make.
Draconic Evolution - This power thing is new to me, so I want to be able to explore it.


Pam's Harvestcraft - Pam... add variety! I like the gardens particularly.
Cooking for Blockheads - and you.... make it convenient!


Tinkers Construct - Hammer and upgradable, customizable, and namable tools.
Open Blocks - Gotta have those elevators, and other niceties as well.
Extra Utilities - Yeah... all those reason I mentioned before.


Mekanism - The machines for refining ores and squeezing every possible bit of use out of each piece is simply the best (x5 ultimately). Additionally, the jetpack is the best I've used and the teleporter can cross dimensions. Nifty things such as the atomic disassembler and robit as well.
Minefactory Reloaded - Farming and tending animals.


Applied Energistics - In the end, I'll want an AE system so I don't have to fiddle with recipes so much.
AE Stuff - Add that thing that does the job. Convenience.
Jabba/Storage Drawers - I want separate organization for my commonly used resrouces though.
Bibliocraft - Aesthetically pleasing shelves and such.


Botania - Mostly because you can apparently get excalibur. Also, I know the basics and meant to learn the mod better. Provides a nice variety of "things to do".


Ruins - I'm avoiding the samey Roguelike Dungeons in favor of points of interest dotted over the terrain. Nothing obtrusive, but interesting.
Artifacts -Adds those towers, but could make things interesting. Lets see if this really is overpowered.


Hardcore Ender Expansion - It's expected now.
Twilight Forest -  I just like everything about it.. as long as progression is turned off!


Chisel - By definition, aesthetic.

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