Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ax's Favorites on Steam... Evidently

According to Steam's recently played list on my profile you can get an idea about what my apparently favorite games are... perhaps the wrong idea in some cases. I present here my top 20 but not necessarily... with caveats. Also note, this is just what Steam has tracked.

Fallout 3
No joke, and this doesn't even include all the hours I logged prior to owning it on Steam, which was probably another 200 hours to estimate conservatively. Also does not account for my children's play time.

Plants vs. Zombies
This one is a shared effort. At one time, the whole family was obsessed with this game. However, we haven't touched it in perhaps years. It'll take a long while before it's eclipsed.

Garry's Mod
Another family effort, I play it with the kids, and the kids play it on my account.

Bethesda's Action/RPG Hits
More Fallout and Elder Scrolls... I must like those. True.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
It was my obsession at the beginning of the year. My youngest son is also a fan. As I've mentioned, it takes alot of grinding, replaying earlier levels, so take that into account.

Scribblenauts Unlimited
I enjoyed this creative, huge and yet simple game. No regrets.

Saints Row IV
Truly addictive gameplay, but I've said enough about it already.

Team Fortress 2
This one is all on the part of my children. I don't like this game... it has absolutely no appeal to me.

Batman: Arkham City
The second in the Arkham series, and the best I've played. We'll see how Arkham Knight GotY compares around the time of the 2016 Summer Steam Sale. Until then, I have this on PS3 now, so it's unlikely I'll continue to rack up hours on the Steam version.

Half Life 2
I do like this game, but I've no doubt my kids have put some hours on it.

Alan Wake
A favorite in past years... I've played through it a couple of times, including the DLC chapters. Would prefer to have it on PC3 eventually.

Portal 2
Truly a favorite, but it's pretty short when you get down to it, and this represents several playthroughs.

Duke Nukem 3D.... I mean Forever.
As a duke fan from of old, I gave this a fair shot without eyes clouded by recent shooters... cover based, I think the term is? I thought it was decent, had a pretty good time, and don't regret it. Could've been better. Personally I think the Duke as a star scenario was played out by its release, and should've been an out-of-shape hasbeen still hitting on girls in their twenties (humiliatingly). This would demonstrate some self-awareness and become the springboard to a triumphant return to fame.

Dark Messiah of M&M
A great action RPG, but very linear. Features kicking, which is always good.

Batman: Arkham Origins
I honestly can't believe I played it this long. Dag, what am I doing with my life? Regrets? I have a few...

Fallout 4
Conspicuously absent from my top games article, this is worthy of an article unto itself. As much as I looked forward to this game... I haven't enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. I haven't been motivated to play it much. So what's my deal? I'll..... fill you in later! For now, suffice to say... I'm just not in a Fallout mood.

DC Universe Online
Really? This is in my technical top 20? I don't recall getting that much out of this... certainly not to justify pouring 42 hours of my life into a superhero MMO. Okay... so running up buildings was fun, but I have Saints Row 4 to fulfill that now, without all the MMO rigamarole.

So there you are... my supposed top 20 according to Steam with my context added. Take a look if you wish at my further top games, but I can assure you that there are games I played less that brought me more joy, and ones I played longer that brought me less. It's quality time over quantity, and with that, dear phantom viewer, have a great New Year's and a wonderful 2016!-

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