Friday, September 30, 2016

Axpack V

I took a long refreshing break from Minecraft, finally decided to formally announce my disinclination to continue map development, and now find myself getting back into playing the game. When I tried to boot up my latest attempt at the Axpack, I found that it was a bloated mess that crashed, even when I disabled most of the mods. So Bolz'tuit.... I'm making another one. Something far more compact, focused, and stable. It will be centered around Mekanism because I love it so and it worked this morning as the sole mods in the pack. So, here's the outline:

The Essentials

Damage Indicators
Voxel Map


CodechickenCore (NEI, Enderstorage)
BspkrsCore (Treecap)
Mantle (Natura)
RadixCore (MCA)
OpenModsLib (OpenBlocks)
BrandonCore (Draconic Evolution)

Selections from the Best

Extra Utilities
Open Blocks
Minecraft Comes Alive + RadixCore
Pam’s Harvestcraft
Cooking for Blockheads
Oceancraft - This I added on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.


Intermediate Game

Twilight Forest
Natura + Mantle (mostly for the sake of the Nether)


End Game

Hardcore Ender Expansion (Perhaps to add after the fact, and not in Technic pack)
Draconic Evolution

Ores/metals will be one set for the major portion of the game, then new ones introduced via the new dimensions at reasonable intervals. There's a clear beginning, middle, and end. There is enough variety to create interest, but not a bunch of distractions or ugly, obtrusive, or out of place things (like Botania, Thaumcraft, or Roguelike Dungeons). Ruins will do the trick nicely.

This should be fairly easy to maintain, and hopefully might actually get up on technic launcher if I get my crap together. I'll let you know, phantom reader, how it goes.

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