Thursday, September 15, 2016

13.8 Hours Later

Thirteen hours and fourty-eight minutes: the amount of time I wasted on Goat Simulator.

Did I get my moneys worth? I don't remember how much it was at the time I purchased it, but if it was $5 I paid too much. This is a dumb game, and yes, I know the Steam page even says so.

So forget about Mad Max. My new gaming rubric is to overshadow Goat Simulator.

This... might be more of a challenge than my previous one. Speaking of, though Half Life 2 has just eked past DCUO and Starbound muscled in, pushing Batkam Arkham Origins out of the ranking, that looks largely the same.

Most of the games 13 hours and below are ones that I've completed one playthrough (Tom Braider), or multiple playthroughs but is a shorter game (Portal, American Nightmare).

I know it looks bad for a Fallout fan to have logged so few hours into FO2, but that's just on Steam, mind you. The actual number of playthoughs is like 6+.

Crayon physics and Shoppe Keep are larks that I didn't get all that into, whereas Vice City infuriated me. It has not aged well, and I don't tolerate its gameplay quirks well anymore.

RPG Maker is something I may or may not use in the future to further my game making aspirations, but it is not high priority.

That leaves FF8 and Two Worlds 2... ones I have started but got distracted by other things and haven't gotten back to, or play intermittently. I think these are the two most likely to punt that goat down the steam chute.

What a goal, huh? Below is the review that got me wondering about this figure.

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