Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oh yeah... rumor has it I have a blog.

So, It's been a while... how ya doing? Good... good. Well see ya. Ok, seriously...

I am now part of a gaming group with real people! The game is Pathfinder, and we are playing through Rise of the Runelords. Well, perhaps not for much longer... we ran into a quasit that turned one PC to stone, downed two others, and left me the last one standing when we decided to call it a night. I have exactly on last card to play... a mutagen, We'll see how that turns out... but we may be starting a different adventure path.

I've been playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance lately. Got to the end boss... with no healing items. Thing is, it's one of those games that lets you grind through earlier levels for upgrade points... so I played through most of the levels again. It was cake with the upgrades I had, and the trip gve me enough upgrade points to fully upgrade my weapon, energy, and health. I saved just prior to the final battle and intend to go for it once I'm in the proper mood. It helps that the music (in the whole game, but especially that battle) really gets me pumped. It's one of those rare cases in which I don't mind losing the battle 20 times in a row because it means I get to hear the song again!

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