Friday, September 21, 2012

Freeze, Peach!

We moved last year. Psychotic neighbors were the stimulus, but we ended up with a nice home and the payments aren't too bad for what we got. "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." Romans 8:28.

An old friend popped over for a visit after a number of years with no communication. We caught up and really it's not like we don't still have a great deal in common. Thing is, we got caught up in our own lives and forgot to remember one another. I'd say I'll try to keep up better, but our social circles (such as mine is anyway) are completely different and to an extent incompatible. Sadly I've forgotten how to socialize exactly... and maybe its not an exact science and that's the pro'lem. Part of it is that I'm picky... morons would say judgemental. Y'know what, we were given brains in order that we can make judgements. Our decisions may not be binding on others but that snot the point.

It occurs to me that free speech is important so that we can learn what people are about. Let everyone talk. It lets us know how full of bull they are. Or full of gems... of wisdom. Thing is, not everyone's thoughts are valuable... but if they're expressed then individuals can decide which truths to accept/reject those ideas by their own prerogative and can choose to fellowship with those with similar beliefs. We don't have to agree, but don't be calling me a jerk because we're different. Call me a jerk when I harm people. Even hate speech needs to be heard, so we can avoid those who poop it out their mouths. How else will they know it's bad if people don't shun them? We as a society agree that we don't like getting hurt. We need to be free to associate with those who help us an avoid those who are hurtful at our own discretion, yo.

Rant done.

So, the reason I made this blog was to emulate a mentor or sorts. His name is Bill. He worked for Game Players magazine... and a few others. Not sure where his is now. He hasn't updated his blog in a couple years now. Nevertheless, he inspired me to start this blog -- and then not update it (that part was a joke). Anyhoo, he is responsible for my warped sense of humor in part.... the other parts are Monty Python, videogames, and various internet memes. It's quite the variety platter. He's the reason I say "yo"... because of an innocuous caption he put on a photo of a fellow GP editor. I recall with fondness the Gamers Rants and Jaded Gamer columns he did, letters he answered, as well as the many, many captions he put with photos and screenshots. He obviously enjoyed his work.

Speaking of, just to tangent a bit, work is going fine and smoothly. I got some raises. That's nice. Keep up with inflation anyways.

So... Bill. I keep the Game Players CDs on which he (and the rest of the GP crew) did amusing short videos. Those were the reason I wanted the CD, not the reviews and game previews. Although there was one funny Batman game where he was in the batcave looking around all paranoid. That was a hoot. Need to find that and put it to "What is love?".

I found his blog by some miracle search of "Gazuga" in which he referred to several sites that I put in my daily rotation. His last several posts were about his friend and fellow band member who died of cancer. They were obviously close. I wonder where he is now and hope he is well. I don't know though. He talked about drinking beer alot, so I hope he didn't become a true alcoholic. His attitude and humor inspired me... gave me hope that you can enjoy your work, and that there's a place in this world even for weird people.

So wherever you are Bill, I wish you the best. I raise a bottle to you. Hope you don't mind it's cream soda.

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