Thursday, October 7, 2010

Randomly Blog

Bloggy thing... right. Like I'm going to keep this up. I'll just go aboot this stream of consciousness style. That should work.

So, this weekend is Pathfinder Saturday. They have a pushy NPC demanding they go rescue his sister just because a devil popped through a gate and abducted her and presumes that she'll soon be sacrificed to complete some kind of covenant with the Count's infernal patron. You know... that old chestnut. So they requested some healing assistance and got "Cross-eyed" Kendrick, a paladin who literally has cross shaped irises.

Been thinking more recently about how emotional states, whether seemingly negative (sorrow, anger, fear) or positive (joy, courage, passion), are neutral concepts nonetheless. The context in which they are experienced may be good or bad, but it is the reaction to the emotion that determines beneficence or maleficence. One can derive perseverance and due caution from fear. Sickos derive pleasure (joy) from harming others. One might feel boldness to do either right or wrong.

So, both wifey and myself have adopted the prepper mindset. I've been saving all sorts of containers and have stored some water. Problem with the 30 gallon barrel my dad picked up at the flea market is that it contained pesticide, making it useful for gardening water only. We got a Sam's Club membership last Sunday. Making a trip to the LDS cannery near Nashville just isn't feasible, and we're not entirely sure they would even let us make use of it. I've been told alternately that they strictly don't, that you can get in with a member, or that you should call ahead but they'd probably allow it.

We've drilled the kids about what to do in case of disasters. We're still working on getting them to not run off or lag behind while in public. Emmy is pretty well behaved, but the boys are hard headed and just... younger.

Alright. Tired of writing now.

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